The following outlines a typical sales training program Рbut please note that this can be customized to meet the particular needs of your agency.


  • Why the Next 3 Years are the Industry’s Greatest Opportunity Ever
  • How to continue improving after Training


  • The professional collection agency salesperson
  • Time is money – what activities lead to more clients
  • Understanding each creditor’s business organization


  • Learning to listen
  • Techniques for maximizing style differences
  • Building win – win situations
  • Developing and delivering a true consultive sale creditors LOVE

IV. SALES TECHNIQUES (Strategy vs. Tactics)

A. Time Management (Having an EFFECTIVE process)

  • Organizational Skills
  • Proper Qualifying Means More Sales
  • How to Find More Hours In the Day
  • Activity Benchmarks (What should your numbers be?)

B. Building A Territory

  • Research and Development
  • How to find better and bigger leads
  • Organization and follow-up (Having a Process that works!)

C. Telephone Skills

  • Prospecting
  • A Winning Process to qualify your prospects
  • Reaching the decision maker(s) / buying influences(s)
  • Easier ways to get more appointments

D. Preparation

  • Who are the 3 Buying Influences in every sale and why is selling each one critical to closing more deals?
  • Selling the prospect’s concept of value
  • Why would you buy from you?

E. Presentation Skills (Why it must be a “Consultive” sale)

  • What to do when you walk through the door
  • Building rapport
  • Needs analysis – “How to conduct a prospect interview”
  • Gaining assent
  • Helping them to say “Yes.”

F. How To Overcome Objections, Such As:

* “I’m happy with my agencies”
* “Your fees are too high”
* “We’re going through a computer conversion”
* “You have no references in my industry”
* “I only deal with national agencies”
* “We only use attorneys”
* “I’m waiting for a new manager”
* “I’m not looking for an agency right now”
* “Send me a proposal and call back in 6 months”
* “It’s too much work to change agencies”
* “Collection agencies are all the same”
and many more.

G. The Proposal Process – How To Make It Work

H. Advanced Closing Techniques: How to Close Every Deal

I. How To Avoid Unprofitable Business