Can you afford to lose even one sale because your sales efforts were less than the best?

Marc Trezza periodically holds 3 day Advanced Collection Sales Training Seminars in Scottsdale, Arizona. They offer a rare opportunity get the best sales training in the collection industry at a greatly reduced cost! Space is limited and registration is first come first served. Don’t miss out: be one of the first to know when new seminar dates are announced by filling out the request form.

Who should attend?

Agency Salespeople
(all levels of experience)

Agency Presidents and CEOs

Sales Managers

Client Service Managers & Personnel

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What you will learn:

  • E How to find and close larger, more profitable clients
  • E How to turn virtually every presentation into a closed deal
  • E How to avoid the 3 deadly traps of conventional agency selling
  • E How to take advantage of a prospect’s buying process
  • E Why current clients are the best prospects and how to use them
  • E How to identify each prospect’s needs and sell through them
  • E How to distinguish yourself from the pack
  • E Personal habits that make a sale – what works & what doesn’t
  • E How to field objections
  • E How to get more appointments with larger prospects
  • E How to get past voice-mail, put-offs and stalls
  • E How to improve time management and organization skills
  • E How to negotiate fees
  • E How to avoid the “deadly sins” that cost agencies sales
  • E How to be sure you make a great first impression
  • E How to evaluate your own sales performance – and improve!
  • E How to use the qualifying process to increase profits
  • E How to sell pre-collection and “cure” programs
  • E How to handle the proposal process so that you win
  • E How to avoid unprofitable business
  • E How to keep prospects “honest”
  • E How to work conferences

What people say:

WOW! GREAT! Worth every penny! I would recommend Marc to anyone!
Bob Cairnduff

CEO, Merchants & Medical Credit

In my 27 years in the collection industry I have never attended a seminar as informative as yours. Not only was your presentation inspiring, it was ‘real world.’ It showed that you have paid your dues and are extremely adept at passing on your experiences and guidance.”
John Smith

Senior VP, Nationwide Credit

Marc Trezza’s training is so far beyond any of the Dale Carnegie or other generic sales training I have had, that there simply is no comparison. This is real agency sales training based on what the decision-makers who hire us want. If you want a short-cut to sales excellence –this is it!
Kecia Kessler

CEO, Accounts Receivable Services, Inc

As far as I’m concerned, its official: Marc Trezza is the hands-down, undisputed master of collection agency sales, and he is able to teach both the basics and the subtleties of what it takes to excel better than anyone I have ever seen.

Yes! Please let me know about upcoming seminars:

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