What do salespeople who have attended Marc Trezza’s Collection Sales Training have to say?

You say you’ve wasted time and money on motivational sales trainers who talk in “Sales Speak,” but never get to the point when it comes to collection sales training? Well if that’s so, get ready for the most important three days of collection sales training that you will ever encounter. Marc Trezza knows and understands collection sales. This is finally the meat and potatoes you have been searching for… three full days of advanced training with a true super star!

Mark Edwards

President, Credit Bureau Systems

Marc, Flying back to Omaha with my Ops and Sales team was like listening to a bunch of school girls talking about just meeting their favorite “boy” band …couldn’t stop talking about it… After a few days to re-generate our overloaded brain cells… We’ll start focusing again on fine-tuning the skills necessary to fill the 65 “Qualified Prospects per Month” target. Personally, I would like to thank you for a very intense 2 1⁄2 days of training, the patience you showed in handling attendees new to sales,
your passion for the trade, and wanting others to succeed… Great time…I Can’t Thank You Enough.

Dave Truckenbod

CEO, MCA Omaha