Sales Management & Coaching

Are you trying to manage operations and sales?

If you don’t have a sales manager, Marc Trezza will personally manage, train, coach, and advise your sales force. For a fraction of the cost of a salaried manager, you can have one of the top sales managers in the history of the collection industry on your team.

Could your current sales manager benefit from having Marc Trezza as a coach?

We will work with your existing sales manager to identify areas for improvement and help implement positive change while coaching your sales manager to a higher level of effectiveness and performance. Your agency will benefit from having Marc Trezza work with your manager as a coach and advisor, providing invaluable guidance and advice on a level not available from any other industry resource.

Retaining Search Net is a cost effective way to get the best sales management in the industry.

We will evaluate all aspects of your marketing and sales efforts and your individual salespeople to determine the best approach to a wide number of issues – and then develop and deliver strategies and tactics that will enable your agency to dominate your competition and dramatically improve PROFITABLE growth.

Whether you have a large salesforce, have only one salesperson, or you are both operations manager and salesperson…Agencies that retain SNC to work with and coach their Sales Manager, or to provide sales management – have been amazed at the results.

What people say:

The ability to bring in Marc Trezza when needed to solve various management problems and issues has been my secret weapon over the years. He somehow manages to cut through to the heart of the most complicated problems, and invariably is able to accomplish exactly what we need. He is the ultimate master at developing profitable win-win solutions, and always gives 110%. Retaining Marc Trezza has been the one of the smartest management decisions I have ever made.

Ethan Goller

CEO, Techtron Inc.

We were reticent to gamble on a high five figure sales manager, but sales management had become a real priority issue. We retained one of the best managers in the industry, at a fraction of the cost we would have spent for a far less talented manager. The results have been dramatic, and enabled me to devote my time to operational issues. Retaining Marc Trezza and Search Net Corporation was one of the smartest things we have ever done.

P Atwell

President, Atwell, Curtis & Brooks, Ltd.