Marc has had many articles published.
Here are just a few of them

Marc Trezza has published, or been the subject of over 30 articles on leadership and management. Here are some of those articles:

Sun Tzu and the Art of Collection Sales

a 7 part series examining innovative sales techniques based on Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

originally published in Collector Magazine

Part 1:

Sun Tzu and the Art of Collection Sales

Part 2:

The Business Battle

Part 3:

Fixing What’s Broken

Part 4:

Finding Balance

Part 5:

Are You Missing a Key Ingredient?

Part 6:

Do Your Sales Techniques Stand Out?

Part 7:

Putting it All Together

CollectionArticleThe Future of Collection Sales
by Marc Trezza
Collection Magazine
January 2017
CollectionAdvisorcoverCollection Sales Trainer Gets Down For Cause
by T. Steel Rose.
Collection Adviser Magazine
March/April 2010
Sales-Presentation-Article-1Going a Different Direction
– Why canned sales presentations cost you the sale
Collector Magazine
January 2007
marketing-1A Smarter Marketing Strategy
Collector Magazine
August 2005