With competition between agencies getting tougher every day, it’s hard to imagine a more effective way to separate yourself from the pack, and help give your sales force an “edge” than with a quality website or e-brochure, designed specifically to appeal to your target market(s).


Agency E-Brochure

Once your proposal package is complete, SNC can also create your e-brochure built from summaries of various sections of your proposal package. Your prospect will receive a high-tech electronic brochure with both high quality graphics and design and valuable content. Your salespeople can immediately respond to “send me a brochure” right from their computer or laptop with an impressive, professional document that underscores the high-tech nature of your agency and even promotes your agency as being “green”.

What people say:

Website Development

Combining Search Net’s extensive experience in collection agency marketing and sales with our professional website development team offers you the best of both worlds and a considerable advantage over other production choices. The Search Net web team offers a very definitive and effective web-development process designed specifically for the needs of the collection agency, to ensure that both your specific marketing and functionality needs are fully integrated with your existing identity materials. We provide turnkey development services to provide a secure web-hosting environment.

Marc, Wow, the e-brochure is very impressive…as good as I’ve ever seen. Thanks,

Dan Price

CEO, MS Services

Looks great…Awesome job on this piece!

James P. Hill, Jr.

CPA President, Account Resolution Corporation

Marc, The e-brochure ROCKS! Great job!

Eric Najork


…you’ve hit a home run here. Everything from the message to the pictures is extremely well done.

M. Evans

MCA Omaha