Read what agencies who have used SNC's consulting and management services have to say:

Marc Trezza is excellent! Agencies should jump at SearchNet’s services, because in 14 years of management, it’s the best benefits received with respect to cost I have ever seen. Not only can you reduce your sales costs while you dramatically increase your results in much less time than it would take by any other means; but Mr. Trezza’s monthly expense is a fraction of what we would have to pay a professional of his experience if we made a direct-hire. After Marc Trezza conducted our initial training he began the process of changing how and what types of prospects we were going to target, essentially starting us over from scratch. Within one year under his guidance, we increased our placement volume by over 10,000% and with much more profitable clients. In 9 months we closed contracts with three major hospital systems, a college and a major auto loan organization. Each of these projects placed over $8 million, plus a forward flow of placements monthly. This resulted in a 600% increase in our fees.

One of the most beneficial aspects of having Marc Trezza on retainer is the ability to call him at most any time, whether we needed him to handle a major RFP within 48 hours (which we won) or regarding negotiations and strategies with existing and prospective clients.

As an executive coach Marc Trezza is superb. His invaluable insights and advice on how to tread through tricky circumstances have always been right on the mark and benefited us tremendously. Also a key success factor for us has been his exceptional ability to get buy-in even from the most seasoned managers throughout our organization (who sometimes tend to be “set in their ways”). His extensive experience and skill speaking and negotiating with high level executives from the largest and savviest companies in the country enables him to communicate as an executive coach with tremendous success. I am much more “empowered” to promote my business and myself than before we retained Search Net. I cannot recommend Marc Trezza highly enough.

Patrick Miller

Director of Operations, Recoveries Incorporated

We were reticent to gamble on a high five figure sales manager, but sales management had become a real priority issue. We retained one of the best managers in the industry, at a fraction of the cost we would have spent for a far less talented manager. The results have been dramatic, and enabled me to devote my time to operational issues. Retaining Marc Trezza and Search Net Corporation was one of the smartest things we have ever done.

P. Atwell

President, Atwell, Curtis & Brooks, Ltd.

Utilizing an independent credit and collections consultant provides a very comfortable middle ground, between our management team and our board of directors. A critical factor in our success has been the ability to ‘reach out’ to search net for assistance in areas warranting outside expertise. Mr. Trezza brings an obvious wealth of sales and marketing knowledge to the table, in addition to providing our firm with an independent view on numerous operational issues, and major planning decisions.
C. Grimley

CEO, Grimley Financial Corporation

Marc Trezza knows collection agency sales from the ground up…SearchNet gives exemplary service and advice… We are particularly impressed by the ability to understand and respond to the true needs of our clients. The SearchNet profile format is superior to anything I’ve ever seen…Unique in his approach, Trezza has a real interest in solidifying our relationships with our clients. Other people may say the same thing, but SearchNet really does it.
M. Lang

Senior VP Sales

Marc Trezza is one of the most knowledgeable management consultants in the business. Search Net has found a niche in the marketplace for people like myself who are interested in building and maintaining successful business relationships.
Anita Matos

Vice President, Citibank

Marc Trezza is one of the few true heavy-weight consultants who are just as much an implementer as an advisor. He not only understands our rather complex needs and requirements, but also has the ability and commitment to respond to them with effective programs. Over the years he has earned my complete trust and respect.

Larry Young

President, Phillips Credit

We just got our first deal using the Trezza method the other day. This stuff is different and easy. This stuff really works – forty agencies bid, they narrowed to two and we beat out our toughest competitor!!! It is a great day when that happens. Our clients love the fact that it is “all about them” and it shows. Thanks Marco!!
Donald C. Donagher

CEO, Penn Credit

I don’t know how to express it. This is a huge contract for us and you were a major part in us landing this. We were close in ‘09 with what we thought was a great RFP. Your involvement on this one made it even better and was the difference that got us selected. This is going to open a lot of doors. It is one of a handful of collection contracts in this area that are a real gem.

You really made a difference and deserve a lot of credit for this. At times, I thought your wording on RFPs, changes, etc was not what I wanted, however, since I was turning this over to you I did everything you said and it worked big time!

This is a major “WOW!!!” One of your references I called last year told me that you have a sixth sense that allows you to know what other people are thinking and need to see. He could not have said it any better. Thank you!

James P. Hill

CEO, Account Resolution Corp (ARC)

Marc Trezza is a highly qualified and committed professional, who applies extensive knowledge and talent creatively. Not only has he strengthened our business relationships across the board, he has developed solid, profitable procedures for us that have reduced both our costs and our headaches, while at the same time building employee loyalty and esprit de corps.

I. Norris Rosenhaus

CEO, The Norcrest Company

Marc Trezza combines tremendous creativity with skillful implementation. He has the ability to bring order out of chaos, through effective training and support. The result? Our quality sales volume more than doubled in one year. He actually gives the term ‘hired gun,’ a good name.

CEO, American Collectronix

Trezza knows his stuff from the ground up. Ramp Corporation I have never been as thoroughly impressed with an individual’s ability to identify, understand and meet our critical needs as I am with Marc Trezza and Search Net. This guy is really good.

Joshua Frankel

Marine Midland Bank

Looking back at the road we followed when we approached you with our need for RFP assistance, your response contained very professional content, depth, and organization. Sure we put our two cents worth in, but that is expected given the fact that all agencies conduct their business in slightly different ways. It is indeed a pleasure to do business with a true professional, especially when the combined efforts results in such a successful bid. We at RCS wish to convey our genuine THANKS and trust that you will continue to render assistance to agencies in need.

Art Toto

CEO, Rickart Collection Services

Marc Trezza is The Dean of management and sales. As both an executive coach and a management troubleshooter, he never fails to come up with miracle solutions for the unsolvable and unachievable. I’ve never known anyone who can even come close to his ability to create win-win scenarios or execute the toughest decisions yet still take the high road in terms of ethics – and he does it all with a sense of humor. If you have to go into battle, this is the guy you want in your corner. He is the best – period.

Bruce Passen

President, Abacus Financial, Inc.

The ability to bring in Marc Trezza when needed to solve various management problems and issues has been my secret weapon over the years. He somehow manages to cut through to the heart of the most complicated problems, and invariably is able to accomplish exactly what we need. He is the ultimate master at developing profitable win-win solutions, and always gives 110%. Retaining Marc Trezza has been the one of the smartest management decisions I have ever made.

Ethan Goller

CEO, Techtron Inc.

He prepared a sophisticated sales proposal which helped us acquire a very large hospital network. We have also relied on his expertise in sales training and business development.

Kecia Kesler