Bids & Proposals

With competition as tough as it is, can you afford to jeopardize even one sale because you submitted a document that was less than the best?

A high quality proposal is absolutely essential to a competitive sales effort, yet most agency proposals are a boring recitation of facts that do NOTHING to distinguish you from the pack. Your proposal must sell value compared to other agencies’ proposals. What have you said that will separate you from the pack and get you their business? Credit grantors are bombarded by the same brochures and cookie-cutter proposals that do not get you to the next step. There is a better way.

Whoever is evaluating your bid or proposal is reading many of them. Making it easier on them will weigh heavily in your favor. Every line should be selling without reading like boiler plate or sounding like it came from some Madison Avenue ad firm. It must be professionally written, which means it must be persuasive. If you are not a professional writer, you need someone who is.

When your new proposal package helps you to acquire even one quality new client, it will have paid for itself many times over. SNC writes agency proposals that DEFINE professionalism for our industry.

What people say:

I thought our proposals were pretty good, but after Marc Trezza re-wrote our standard proposal, I was embarrassed about what we use to send out.
Rick Doane

President, Sunrise Credit Services

…We are seeing the result of the RFP that you helped us write: the new business should be $4 million each year. Unequivocally, without your work we would not have this client. Our competition that also have a portion are all very large agencies but we are confident that we will be able to outperform them now that we finally have a chance at bat!
April Sevcik

President, General Credit Services