Do you wish that you could find someone to manage your sales and marketing as effectively as you manage your collection floor?

Would you like to start winning more bids than you lose?
Would you like to see your sales force bring in more quality business?

You’re not alone. . .
And forward-thinking agencies have found a cost-effective, highly successful answer.

Agencies across America have partnered with Marc Trezza to provide management solutions with great success while avoiding the high cost and commitment to another salaried manager. Since founding Search Net in 1991, agencies have retained Trezza to manage their sales force. He also trains and coaches collection salespeople and sales managers, writes bids and RFPs for agencies, creates marketing plans, e-brochures, advises CEOs, and helps agencies develop strategies for specific clients, prospects, or markets.

Agencies say it is one of the most effective uses of funds you will ever experience. What you get is a proven expert in solving your specific problems. You get someone who focuses with laser-like clarity on that problem, and is not distracted by the myriad of day-to-day issues, interruptions, and meetings that assault you and your management team. You’re hiring not just specific skills, but also substantial collection industry experience, resources, and connections. He will speak frankly and provide you with objective analysis, fresh ideas, and honest appraisals.


Your sales manager will benefit from having Marc Trezza – one of the top sales managers in the history of the collection industry – available to assist him or her with expert coaching and guidance whenever needed on any sales or management issue.


If you don’t have a sales manager, through an annual retainer agreement you can have Marc Trezza personally manage your sales and marketing so that sales management functions as effectively as your collection management with one goal: increase profitable new sales volume.

“Whether is has been through an on-site sales training or the development of our proposal, Mr. Trezza has proven himself as a leading resource for collection sales and marketing.”

– Bruce Taylor
Managing Member, David Taylor & Associates

“Our partnership with SNC is a large part of our success. Marc Trezza is without a doubt the authority in our industry, not just on collection sales and staff training, but total business growth and development. He definitely possesses the expertise to take any agency to higher levels of achievement.”

– Kecia Kesler, President/CEO
Account Recovery Specialists, Inc.

“I have never attended a seminar as informative as yours. Not only was your presentation inspiring, it was ‘real world.’ It showed that you have paid your dues and are extremely adept at passing on your experiences & guidance.”

– John C. Smith, Senior VP
Nationwide Credit Corp.

The SNC Advantage

You’re working on a tight budget:

There’s no insurance, no payroll tax, no benefits, no training, we work on or off-site, and you don’t have to invest in a long-term career.


Time is an issue:

Think “plug and play.” We are quick to integrate since you hire for the exact skills you need.

Unusual scheduling needs:

Tight deadlines, such as a major bid due in three weeks. If you need someone 12 hours a day for three weeks, you need Marc Trezza.


When the project will benefit from outside input:

If the problem is recurring, or requires a creative solution, you need a fresh perspective.

You need cutting edge expertise:

As industry experts we often know more about your competition than you do.


You don’t know all the answers:

If you’re unsure how to answer all the questions above, or you haven’t been able to solve the problem, go with a guru.

You can always hire a fulltimer later, and in the meantime we will be getting the job done and bring additional value to the table.

And that’s the ultimate goal, right?