What do agencies who have used SNC Training programs say?

Marc Trezza has worked with our firm on numerous occasions over a 12 year period. In the many instances in those years that we have utilized Marc for sales and management training seminars within our organization, we have found his presentation skills to be exceptional. Marc’s background as a martial artist, and top gun national sales representative in the collection industry provides real world knowledge and skills that are presented in a unique and exciting fashion. From working with Marc over the years we have experienced significant growth due to the expertise and guidance he has provided in the sales and marketing aspect of our business. We feel there is no one in the collection industry with greater sales and marketing knowledge. We would highly recommend him and feel that any agency would gain great value and benefit from Marc’s training and ongoing support.
Geoff Miller

President, PRC, Inc.

Marc Trezza has elevated my approach to my own organization to a new level. SNC Leadership training is more than worth the time and investment, which has come back to me ten-fold”
Andrew M. Brown

CEO, Counterpoint Capital

In the 12 month period after Marc Trezza trained our sales force and re-wrote our standard proposal package, our sales placement volume increased by 312%.

Bryant Smith

Chief Operating Officer, MVBA, Inc.

Marc Trezza combines tremendous creativity with skillful implementation. He has the ability to bring order out of chaos, through effective training and support. The result? Our quality sales volume more than doubled in one year. He actually gives the term ‘hired gun’ a good name.”
Y. Torrijos

President, American Collectronix

I had the pleasure of first hearing Marc speak at ACA’s March for Success in 1999. I found him to be most articulate and knowledgeable. His approach to collection sales was very refreshing. In the seven years since, my company has used his services on many occasions. He prepared a sophisticated sales proposal which helped us acquire a very large hospital network. We have also relied on his expertise in sales training and business development.

Not only does Marc provide superior training, he follows through to ensure that his training is being implemented. He has always been available for questions and concerns. Our partnership with SNC is a large part of our success. Marc is without a doubt the authority in our industry, not just on collection sales and staff training, but total business growth and development. He definitely possesses the expertise to take any agency to higher levels of achievement.

Kecia Kesler

CEO, Account Recovery Specialists, Inc.

David Taylor & Associates, LLC has had the pleasure of working with Marc Trezza, President of Search Net Corporation, in several different capacities.Whether is has been through an on-site sales training or the development of our proposal, Mr. Trezza has proven himself as a leading resource for collection sales and marketing. When DTA decided to launch a sales and marketing campaign two years ago we had a difficult time determining the greatest resource for collection sales and marketing. There are endless amounts of resources for general sales, but it was very difficult to find something tailored specifically to collections. What prompted us to contact Mr. Trezza were his insightful articles in Collector magazine. From there we learned about the diverse solutions he offers to the collection industry. We first brought Marc in for an intensive on-site sales training with our key management and sales executives. His presentation skills, insight, and knowledge were all quite impressive. However, what impressed us the most was his ability to translate the material in terms of how it would help our company.We feel that this training has played a significant role in our growth success over the past two years.

Bruce Taylor

Managing Member, David Taylor & Associates