Sales Training

What are the keys to a successful sales effort?

Marc Trezza has worked with hundreds of collection salespeople over the years, analyzing what does and does not work, and comparing the habits and methods of the industry’s most successful salespeople with the industry’s less successful, to create an approach to sales and sales management that turns mediocre sales efforts into great results. Canned sales pitches must be replaced with a true consultive sales that sell solutions. That means a higher level of:

  • Time Management and Organizational Skills
  • Activity and Performance Benchmarks
  • Effective Qualifying
  • Methodology & Approach
  • Leadership

Sales should be your first line on profit. Effective techniques improve both the closing ratios of your salespeople, and the quality of the business they bring in. We work with you to identify your most profitable lines of business, and train your salespeople to get more of it – those that have embraced the SNC method have experienced rapid exponential growth.

Here are just some of the important skills you will learn:

  • E Why current clients are the best prospects and how to use them
  • E How to overcome objections, such as “Your fee is too high.”
  • E How to make presentations that close deals every time
  • E How to uncover the “real” objections
  • E How to find larger, more profitable clients (and more of them!)
  • E How to get past voice-mail
  • E How to get more appointments
  • E How to avoid the “deadly sins” that cost you sales
  • E How to be sure you make a good first impression
  • E How to sell pre-collection and “cure” programs
  • E How to handle the proposal process
  • E How to avoid unprofitable business
  • E How to keep prospects “honest”
  • E How to cut the time to close a deal in half

The Search Net program also integrates sales training with new management controls that give you real command over your agency’s future.

What people say:

We were so impressed with the sales training that we started looking for other ways to take advantage of what he has to offer. As a direct result of his training and advice, after years of marginal growth, we doubled our size.

Steve Miller

President, Professional Recovery Consultants

Marc Trezza’s training is so far beyond any of the Dale Carnegie or other generic sales training I have had, that there simply is no comparison. If you want a shortcut to sales excellence – this is it!

Kecia Kesler

President/CEO, Account Recovery Specialists, Inc.