About Marc Trezza and SearchNet

Collection Agency Expertise

Marc Trezza began his career in the collection industry with American Creditors Bureau (ACB) in 1975. Within two years he became Regional Manager, responsible for the northeastern United States, from Virginia to Maine. After 14 highly successful years with ACB, Trezza took management positions from National Director of Marketing & Sales, to Executive Vice President for 3 agencies over the next 5 years. He re-organized departments, re-structured sales plans, and designed, wrote and developed brochures, proposals, bids, and contracts. Simultaneously he was personally responsible for annual sales of $60,000,000 to over $90,000,000 in annual placements.

Recognizing a vital need to improve the interaction between creditors and their agencies, Trezza formed Search Net Corporation in 1991. Search Net provides it’s agency-clients with expertise and assistance that is not available anywhere else in the collection industry.

As an extremely valuable resource for agency owners, nationwide, Marc Trezza has become the collection industry’s best known “troubleshooter.” He helps agencies develop and implement strategy and tactics for a wide array of problems and challenges, from management issues, to operations, sales, and marketing.

Leadership Qualities

In the “Venture Capital Handbook,” David Gladstone named the following characteristics of the ideal leader.

Trezza has over 20 years of management experience. As a corporate “troubleshooter,” companies turn to Trezza when management problems are beyond their scope. According to a firm in Anaheim, California, Trezza “has the ability to bring order out of chaos.” Trezza spent almost 14 years as a Regional Manager with ACB, and has held executive positions with other firms from National Director of Marketing & Sales to Executive Vice President. In 1992 he founded Search Net Corporation, to help service companies attract new clients, and provide companies with improved management effectiveness; through coaching, implementation, training, and advice, on a level of expertise and an ability to “execute” never before available.

As his volumes of references will attest, Trezza is known and widely respected for his ethics, scrupulous honesty, and integrity.

– Numerous articles have been written about Marc Trezza and he has been repeatedly featured on the Pure Oxygen network as a management guru.
– CIO Magazine interviewed Trezza about his unique approach to management and executive coaching in its September 2000 issue under “Trendlines/People to Watch – The New, the Hot, The Unexpected.”
– Trezza has published articles for The CEO Refresher (on-line magazine), and numerous other publications.
– “Resource Management,” said Trezza is “Considered to be one of the most knowledgeable and effective executives to come out of the collection industry.”

Trezza is in demand as a featured speaker at business conferences nationwide, and has had over 30 articles published by, or about him. He is a widely recognized expert on results-driven management, and is considered one of the top sales & marketing experts in the nation.

Extremely goal oriented, Trezza excels at cutting through obstacles to achieve his objective. He has a unique ability to focus and motivate others to achieve a goal or mission. He is one of those individuals for whom failure is not an option. He is a consummate achiever and taskmaster who accomplishes his goals while never sacrificing his ethics or integrity, and creates winning teams that give 110%.

He has created a wide variety of unique incentive programs, has almost single-handedly moved the collection industry towards consultive selling rather than a canned approach to sales, written and produced marketing & sales videos and brochures, CDROM business cards, written numerous winning bids and proposals, and solved a wide variety of management problems for companies, nationwide. He is an accomplished executive coach that has helped corporate managers to achieve the most elusive goals through creative and unique approaches to management problems.

Trezza has the self-discipline to have achieved the rank of Godan-Roshi (5th Degree Master) in martial arts, and received officer training from US Army Special Forces. Self-discipline is the first element in developing discipline in others through leading by example.

As an example of his organizational skills:

When asked to expedite the creation of an operations center by High View Capital, for a start-up, he created their Employee Manual and Supervisor’s Handbook, created quality control programs, designed specialized management software, put together a management team, and selected and configured the hardware, management software, phone system, LAN, and integrated predictive dialer. Trezza also (a) located raw space and negotiated the lease, (b) worked with the architect to design the office (from operations floor to computer room and executive offices) (c) negotiated and oversaw installation of all construction, cable & wiring, and soundproofing, and (d) after designing, selecting, and negotiating the computer system, predictive dialer system, phone system, network, and furniture, (e) negotiated the operating lease for each of them:

All of these tasks were completed within 120 days!

When companies experience limited organic growth or serious management problems, whom do they turn to for solutions? Often, it is Marc Trezza. As an interim President / CEO, numerous references and endorsements will attest that Trezza is a superb leader and an expert on management development, team building, and organic growth. It is strong leadership that separates companies with good ideas from the rest of the pack. Effective leadership combines vision with ethics, combines people skills with organizational skills, and combines a demand for quality and efficiency with proper training and support. Superior leadership sets a superior example.