Do you find yourself wishing that you could find someone to come in and fix your most troublesome management problems?

Would you like to find a superb manager to provide leadership, direction, build morale and achieve dramatic growth, at a fraction of the usual cost?

Well, you’re not alone. . . And while there is no magic wand to wave, forward-thinking companies say that they have found a cost-effective, highly successful answer.

Organizations all over America are hiring outside experts to fulfill management needs without the high cost and commitment to a salaried manager. The International Coaching Federation (ICF) calls them “gurus,” and one of the best-known is SNC president, Marc Trezza. Since founding Search Net in 1991, companies have hired Trezza on an interim basis to be their CEO, President, or VP Sales. He fills senior management needs, helps consolidators with difficult integrations, advises CEOs, boards or investors, or develops strategies and tactics for specific prospects, clients, or markets. He builds effective teams, loyalty, employee morale, and esprit-de-corps.

Companies that have gone this route say it is one of the most effective uses of funds you will ever experience. What you get is a proven expert in solving your specific problems. You get someone who focuses with laser-like clarity on those problems, and is not distracted by the myriad of day-to-day issues, interruptions, and meetings that assault you and your management team. You get a fresh perspective, uncluttered with internal politics or personal agendas. There is no axe to grind, and no hidden agendas. You’re hiring not just specific skills, but also substantial experience, resources, and connections.

“We needed someone with real ‘generalship’ to provide leadership and direction – someone with incredibly strong leadership skills who could take immediate control and get everyone marching in the same direction. For us there was really only one choice, and it was Marc Trezza.”

– Frank Rosenberg, Chairman
PiiQ.Com Inc. Associates

“Marc Trezza is The Dean of management and sales. As both an executive coach and a management troubleshooter, he never fails to come up with miracle solutions for the unsolvable and unachievable.”

– Bruce Passen, President
Abacus Financial, Inc.

“I’ve never met anyone with a better understanding of what a client needs or a stronger commitment to getting the job done.”

– Lesley Christensen, Manager

Business insanity is doing the same thing over and over – yet expecting a different result.

I provide turnaround and crisis management, interim management, help to troubled management teams, and executive coaching. I have published over 2 dozen articles on leadership and management, and am a featured speaker at conferences, nationwide. As a management “troubleshooter,” one client said that “Marc Trezza actually gives the term ‘hired gun’ a good name.”

SNC drives positive measurable change that creates dramatic results. Contact me to discuss your needs, goals, and ideas – so we can develop real solutions for your organization – and then let me demonstrate the quality of my services.

I am confident that you will find my performance, cooperation, ethics, and effectiveness, unmatched and unrivaled as a management alternative.

Marc Trezza